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IC Card


IC Card

Mode of Installation:



l Identifying Distance: At Most 1.2M

l Participant-related Information Can Be Written

l Anti Interference

l Rewritable

IC Card Descriptions
IC card, made by PET, saves participant-related information like name, position, duties and contact information, etc. It can be widely used in sign-in, librarian management, production control and propriety management, etc. Anti-interferential and rewriteable features make it apply variety of applications, portability and security can be guaranteed.

l Operational Frequency: 13.56MHz

l International Standard: ISO/IEC 14443, ISO/IEC 15693 and ISO/IEC 10536ISO18000-3

l Space: 136bit/192bit/512bit/1024bit

l Operational Temperature: -25℃~70

l Storage Temperature: -40℃~85

l Format: EERPROM, readable, rewritable

l Multi-unit Access: Yes

l Anti Interference: Yes

l Material: PET

l Operational Distance: Maximum identifying distance 1.2M, writing distance 0.7M or below