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【WVU3750】 Wireless Voting Units

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【WVU3750】 Wireless Voting Units

It is a hand-held device. Rubber buttons make participants feel simple and easy to understand how to use. 15 buttons perform different functions, 0 – 9 are used to provide different suggestions, 3 common buttons serve for different purposes (e.g.: agree / disagree / abstain, low / medium / high ...), star and clear buttons provide extra functions. There is a serial number in each Unit which contains programmable channel and ID addresses. Channel address ranges between 1 and 15, while ID address ranges between 1 and 250. Both addresses will be sent during voting.

 7-segment LED display can be seen clearly under sufficient illumination. When Wireless Voting Console accepts the signal, the display will receive confirmation signal meaning the signal received.

 Standby mode will enter after pressing the button(s). A pair of new batteries, which is before expiry day, can be voted as many as 100,000 times. Low power signal will be indicated in LED display and sent to the Console.

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