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WTU1000 Wireless Voting Console


Mode of Installation:


l Operate Under 2.4GHz

l 1 Console Support 1000 Voting Units Simultaneously

l Support Open & Secret Voting

l Support First & Last Valid Modes

l USB Powered

【WTU1000】Wireless Voting Console

  WTU1000 is a core of wireless voting with built-in antenna and USB-powered through computer. Signal and data transmission between voting units and console is managed by program. 1 standard Console contains 1000 voting units to vote simultaneously. Effective coverage of each console is 150M x 150M. However structure of the room and RF characteristics will affect actual range. Placing Console at higher place make performance improve significantly.

l   尺寸: 103mm x 65mm x 38mm

l   USB powered

l   Display: LED indicates channel of console

l   Channel: 1 – 75

l   Connection: USB

l   Dimension: 103mm x 65mm x 38mm