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RFID Long-distance Conference Sign-in System



Mode of Installation:

Hall’s Entrance


l Adjustable Identifying Distance: 0.8M – 1.2M

l Anti-collision Function, Able to Identify up to 50 RFID Card per Second

l No Blind Area in Identification

l High Penetration & Diffraction to Read Signal. No Directional

l Contactless Card Through Long-distance Identification, User Friendly

l Safe, Stable, Reliable to Operate, Nearly 0 Error

l Operating Under Medium-low Frequency, No Harm to Human Body

l User Friendly Program

l Easy to Maintenance

RFID Long-distance Conference Sign-in System

The system, including integrated antennae, RF chipset, IR checking, sound & light alarm and I/O control, is an integrated structure. It can identify up to 120CM and recognize ISO/IEC15693 and ASO18000-3 standard ID label. It can apply to sign-in in congress, access control, exhibition tickets, concert / matching tickets and warehouse.

l Frequency: 13.56Mhz ± 7Khz

l Support ISO 156693 & ISO 18000-3 standard

l Width of Passageway: 0.8 – 1.2M

l 4 IR, can determine direction of access accurately (Alternative)

l 360-degree vertical detection (Alternative)

l Access control (Alternative)

l Power: 24V DC

l Connection: RS 232/485, support TCP/IP (Alternative)

l Dimension: 165cm (H) X 48cm (W) X 5cm(T)