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【MD5000/01】 Microphone & Voting Unit

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【MD5000/01】 Microphone & Voting Unit

MD5000/01 is a portable device with micro computer. The appearance is elegant and ergonomic sound. The units are connected by the way of holding hands. Each unit is installed 2 DB9PIN sockets with lock; the units can be connected well.

Each unit is equipped with a unique ID, but it is adjustable. Moreover feedback can be minimized through AGU. Streamline cover includes 2-watt speaker, when participant is speaking; the built-in speaker is closed automatically. A gooseneck microphone with ring-shaped indicator is used 5-pin socket, that makes the users connect or disconnect conveniently.

The LCD display conforms to human-based visual effect. That makes the text be displayed clearly under conference mode, instantaneous text display and displaying results. Speak and priority buttons with professional identities are carved in order to make participants understand clearly and use appropriately.

5 colored buttons are used to voting. Each unit is prepared a headphone/recording interface that facilitates listening/ synchronous recording in order to record the meeting.

Speaking and Voting can be functioned during offline mode. The results are displayed in LCD display dynamically and immediately. The whole processes of voting are managed by MC5000/01chairman unit. First, sets a unit with LCD display as no. 1. Then, press priority button 3 seconds in chairman unit when voting is required. Once participants press the voting buttons, the unit with LCD is able to show the results dynamically. After that, press the priority button 1 time as long as move to next question.

 After the voting, press priority button 3 seconds in chairman unit. The system will return to speak mode.

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