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【MCU0864】Compact Control Console

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【MCU0864】Compact Control Console

MCU0864 Compact Control Console is a core component of EC5000 series. Built-in sophisticated micro computer is able to manage speaking and adjust value relatively in order to provide safe DC current & phantom power, manage congress and voting and amplify & transfer signals. The Console uses high quality PCB & components and increase area of the ground, the capacity of anti-electrostatics is up to 8,000V.

The Console can connect 8 channels of mixers and 2 groups of 64 RS-485 connector’s units. Each connector includes protection circuit preventing overloading & short-circuits. Built-in AGC is able to minimize feedback significantly and maximize sound quality. Each Console can be connected each other to increase system capacity. Built-in various microphone management and combination, that become more nimble.

The basic functions like speaking & voting can be operated during the congress even there is no computer and program. The Console is set through software before congress. All settings will be saved in the Console after switching off the program until next settings are performed. Moreover the Console with the program can maximize its functions and realize various modes of conference, such as adjusting volume of each unit independently, displaying text, first-in-first-out, limiting speaking, automatic opens and requesting, etc. All contents and results can be displayed through monitor or/and projectors.

 Smart Mixers: Use traditional microphone mixers’ methods. High-speed DSP with automatic adjustment makes it without losing words. Each Console equips 8 XLRM 3PIN sockets and a variable gain and an adjustable phantom power. Voice activation makes microphones switch on automatically. That makes participants speak swiftly. The threshold level of voice activation can be adjusted through program in order to cope with different needs. The microphone having priority make the Console suppress others automatically as they are set as standby mode. Moreover a camera can be used during the congress. Once the participant turns on the microphone, the camera will move to pre-set location automatically. The image will be display in the monitor and projector, etc.

 Digital Hand-in-hand System: This system can speak, take attendance, vote and display, etc. Each group of units is required 1 dedicated cable to connect the Console, fewer cumbersome cables are managed. PnP is applied in this system; units can be added or removed during the conference.

 Multi-functional RS-232 Port Provide Strong Protection to Intelligent System: Computer is used to controlling and modifying the Console. The program can manage speaking and automatic tracking through camera systemically after connection.

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