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Product Feature

2 DB9PIN Ports for Hand-in-hand units / Voting Units

1 Audio Signal Output

1 Auxiliary Signal Input

1 REC Output

1 RS232 Port for Computer / Camera Tracking System / Compact Control System

Built-in Amplifier, Source of Audio in Units

Switch: Switch with LED Indicator

VOL SP Volume Control: Control Built-in Speaker in Units

Master Volume Control: Control Microphones Output


Conform to IEC914, CE & RoHS, etc

Power Supply: AC 220V / 50Hz with Protection

Distortion: <0.2

SNR: 70dB(A)

Maximum Power Consumption: 1AV

Anti Static Electricity: 8000V

AppearanceGray Brushed Aluminum Cover and black chassis with Removable Rack Handles

Dimension: 433 X 240 X 54 cm (19 1.2HE)

Weight: 5.0 kg

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