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【FD5000/01】Flush-mount Microphone & Voting Units

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【FD5000/01】Flush-mount Microphone & Voting Units

FD5000/01 is a flush-mount device with micro computer and delicate hair line panel can be cleaned conveniently. Firm appearance makes it look fashionable. The units are used to connecting each other by hand-in-hand, each unit is installed 2 DB9PIN sockets with lock; the units can be connected well. Moreover it is equipped with a unique ID, but it is adjustable.

Besides feedback can be minimized through AGU. A gooseneck microphone with ring-shaped indicator is used 5-pin socket, that makes the users connect or disconnect conveniently. Speak and priority buttons with professional identities are carved in order to make participants understand clearly and use appropriately.

5 colored buttons are used to voting. Each unit is prepared a headphone/recording interface that facilitates listening/ synchronous recording in order to record the meeting.

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