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FC5000-06Flush-mount Microphone Units



Mode of Installation:

Flush Mount


1.      Priority Button and Speak Button

2.      Voice Activation

3.      Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

4.      Individual Threshold Level Setup

5.      Pre-set Threshold Level

【FC5000/06】Flush-mount Microphone Units

FC5000/06 is a flush-mount device with micro computer and delicate hair line panel can be cleaned conveniently. Firm appearance makes it look fashionable. The units are used to connecting each other by hand-in-hand, each unit is installed 2 DB9PIN sockets with lock; the units can be connected well. Moreover it is equipped with a unique ID, but it is adjustable.

Besides feedback can be minimized through AGU. A gooseneck microphone with ring-shaped indicator is used 5-pin socket, that makes the users connect or disconnect conveniently. Speak and priority buttons with professional identities are carved in order to make participants understand clearly and use appropriately.

Product Features

l Priority button in chairman unit

l Speak button

l Can be placed anywhere within system

l 1 speak LED indicator

l Cable: 2.5M DB9PIN, male and female sockets

l Voice activation (sound control), can be set

l Closed automatically after speaking, time limit can be set

l Detachable microphone with indicator

l Can be set as chairman or VIP

l At most 8 chairman units are set simultaneously


l Conform to IEC914, CE & RoHS etc

l Frequency 30Hz – 20kHz

l Connection: DB9PIN

l Power: DC 24V (conference control unit)

l Distortion: 0.5%

l SNR: 80dB (A)

l Microphone: SH68A

l Colors: Black, Champagne, Gray and Silvery White

| Dimension: 129mm X 95mm X 55mm (Exclude gooseneck microphone)

| Opening: 109mm X 89mm X 50mm