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FC5000-03|FD5000-03 Boundary Microphone Units


FC5000/03 (Chairman Units) ; FD5000/03 (Delegate Units )

Mode of Installation:

Hidden Installation


1.      Priority Button and Speak Button (Chairman Unit) ; Speak / Request Button (Delegate Unit)

2.      Voice Activation

3.      Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

4.      Individual Threshold Level Setup

5.      Pre-set Threshold Level

【FC5000/03、FD5000/03】Boundary Microphone Units

FC5000/03 and FD5000/03 are hidden-installation device with micro computer and fine workmanship. It spends small area of the desk. The units are used to connecting each other by hand-in-hand, each unit has a sub box with 2 DB9PIN sockets. They are used to connecting units, which can be connected well. Moreover it is equipped with a unique ID, but it is adjustable and feedback can be minimized through AGU.

Product Features

l Priority and speak button (Chairman Unit) ; Speak / request button (Delegate Unit)

l Can be placed anywhere within system

l Cable: 2.5M DB9PIN, male and female sockets

l Voice activation (sound control), can be set

l Closed automatically after speaking, time limit can be set

l Can be set as chairman or VIP

l At most 8 chairman units are set simultaneously


l Conform to IEC914, CE & RoHS etc

l Frequency 30Hz – 20kHz

l Connection: DB9PIN

l Power: DC 24V (conference control unit)

l Distortion: 0.5%

l SNR: 80dB (A)

l Microphone: SH68A

l Colors: Black