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CC50 Storage Case


Mode of Installation:



1. Store 2 Wireless Voting Console

2. Store 50 Wireless Voting Units

3. Lock Available

【CC50】Storage Case

CC50 is specialized for storing & transporting wireless voting system. That ensures storage in order to avoid losing. The case can be placed anywhere that is safe during congress. The whole system including console, units and ID cards (where required) can be distributed systemically. All system can be collected swiftly and the ID cards can give back to participants accurately after the congress.

l Appearance: Firm iron cover

l Removable cover with lock

l Capacity: Store 50 WVU3750 / WVU3750-M and WTU3750 and cable

l Dimension: 640mm X 240mm X 480mm

l Wight: 9000g