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CBL9PS-2.5M Microphone Extension Cable


CBL9PS-2.5M   CBL9PS-15M   CBL9PS-20M


MC5000 Desktop Mic & Flush-mount Mic Series


Voice Transmission

Signal Control

Supply Power

Auxiliary Audio Cable

(CBL9PS-2.5M) Microphone Extension Cable

The Cable is 2.5M long and a bridge between Units. 2 ends include 9-pin D-sub plug, in which it can be installed swiftly.Tips: Various lengths of cable: CBL9PS-5M (5m), CBL9PS-15M (15m) and CBL9PS-20M (20m). It can be applied to Console and units.

Operational Temperature: 80

Voltage: 30V

Insulating Material: PVC

Material: Copper foiled by tin

Power Resistance: Under 20°C (MAX), 34.6Ω/km(MAX)

Cable / Signal Resistance: Under 20°C (MAX), 148.94Ω/km(MAX)

Diameter: 7.00 mm, ±0.25mm

Color: Black

Length: 2.5M